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Influencer Program

Calling all celebrities, influencers, streamers, content creators and performers broadcasting LIVE! We're here to provide access to the 3D community creating more engagement in real time. Broadcast and jump into your own theater where you can chat directly with your community and friends during or after your live session.

(VR headset NOT required!)


Host with Twitch!


In development


To be developed



Net VR Theater can be broadcasted directly to or be hosted with Net VR Stream, Twitch, YouTubeLive and FacebookLive. Sign up for more information!


Net VR Theater in compliance with all platforms mentioned above.*


*Terms of Service are continually changing and The Net VR monitors these terms of services closely to verify compliance. User may not hold The Net VR responsible for any negative actions from their chosen platform. For further information please see our terms of service and your platform's terms of service.

Theater Notifications

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